Efficiency in Fulfillment, Integration, and Shipping

Trustworthy 3PL, Shipping, and Warehousing Services

We are a third-party logistics company you can rely on to deliver locally and globally. Have your products shipped, stored, and managed with fully customizable plans and flexible pricing to give you just what you need from your high-quality shipping services.


Sendsy® manages your entire inventory so that you can focus on growing your business.


Our detail-oriented white glove service ensures your products are handled with the utmost care and attention to detail. Your complete satisfaction is our priority.


Take your business online with Sendsy®. We work directly with you to develop a fully integrated e-commerce strategy with the highest level of attention to detail at affordable rates.


Sendsy® is fully equiped to handle customized projects. We are passionate about helping business owners overcome warehousing and distribution obscacles, so they can acheive their goals without overspending.


Forget about lost returns and angry customers! Sendsy® helps you track and manage product returns to ensure they are handled effectively and efficiently.

Shipping to
70+ countries

Ship your products around the world and expand your business to new horizons with Sendsy®. We’re ready to help you grow your business internationally.

Industries Served

Discover tailored logistics solutions designed for diverse industries. Explore how our expertise meets the unique demands of each sector,
ensuring efficient supply chain management:

2-day delivery guaranteed

Get your products delivered in only 2 days
anywhere in the continental USA.


Team up with Sendsy®!

Learn About Who We Are


Dan Hazinski


With a career spanning over 30 years, Dan boasts extensive expertise in logistics, warehouse management, and production oversight. He emerged as a key player during the nascent stages of the ecommerce and internet revolution, contributing significantly to the development of pioneering procedures to manage the exponential growth in shipping demands.

Dan's professional journey commenced as a quality control manager at an electronics company, where he rapidly ascended to the role of plant manager, showcasing his adeptness in overseeing complex production processes. His strategic insights and hands-on experience have been instrumental in optimizing operational efficiency.

Dan pursued an engineering major at the University of Florida, laying a solid foundation for his career in logistics and management. His educational background reflects his commitment to understanding the technical intricacies that underpin his role in the industry.


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