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Package Type
All Inclusive

Fulfillment Charges (Per order)

Between 1,001 - 5,000 orders per month

Between 5,001 - 10,000 orders per month

Greater than 10,000 orders per month

Pick and Pack fee


Kitting (Customized)


Box/supply fee





Daily Shipping Reports

Inventory Reports

Split Shipments

Manual Orders

Pallet Breakdown

Pallet Inventory

Web Portal












(*10 lbs or more add $5.00)

$0.25 per item

$0.25 per item

$40 per hour

$0.25 per item

Cost + 15%

$2.50 per order

$25.00 per month per pallet

$10.00 per pallet


$25 per order

Included unless mixed pallet(s)*

(*$40 per hour for mixed pallets. Minimum of 1 hour required)

Cost + 10%**

(**Included for 2,500 orders per month.)

Shipping 1-6lbs

2nd Day Air 1,000 orders per month

2nd Day Air 5,000 orders per month

2nd Day Air 10,000 per month

$19.99 - $14.99

$19.99 - $14.99

$19.99 - $14.99




Total 2nd Day Air

Total fees per package

1,000 orders per month

Total fees per package

5,000 orders per month

Total fees per package

10,000 per month

$23.99 - $18.99

$23.59 - $18.59

$22.79 - $17.79




*Minimum 10,000 orders per month to qualify for kitting. **Exceptions: Boxes/Branded Tapes are charged at cost and require a minimum of 2,500 orders per month to qualify. ***Exclusions: Must meet Minimum Monthly Sales Commitment or $100 per pallet storage fee applies. ***Maximum 3 months of inventory stored.

Exclusions: All-Inclusive Package: *Minimum of 10,000 orders per month is necessary to qualify for kitting. **Branded Boxes and Branded tape are charged at cost. Minimum 2,500 orders month is necessary to request Branded Boxes and Branded tape. *** $100 per pallet will be charged for any remaining pallets at month-end if monthly sales fall below 75% of the Minimum Monthly Order Commitment as per the Fulfillment Agreement. ****Additional terms and restrictions may apply. *****Pricing is subject to change

Exclusions: A-La-Carte Package: *$40 per hour for mixed pallet breakdown with a1hour minimum required. **Web portal is included for orders of 2,500 or more per month. ***+++Plus additional a-la-carte services. ****Additional terms and restrictions may apply. *****Pricing is subject to change.

IMPORTANT: Sendsy Service Fees are billed on the 15th day and the final day of each calendar month. Payment is due upon receipt and no later than ten (10) days after receipt.

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