Who We Are

About Sendsy

Think about the last time a package you ordered was delivered late or damaged. Now, think about a time when your order caused nothing but headaches. Understanding these situations, we wanted to eradicate that uneasy feeling so many have experienced. This way you, your customers, and your employees no longer have to worry about shipping and delivery.

That's why Sendsy was born.

Our mission is clear: to offer efficient and affordable logistics and shipping services on a global scale. With the best infrastructure and a dedicated expert team, we ensure your products are shipped properly and delivered faster. Even better, our fully customizable approach provides you with exactly what you need.

Our Services

custom fulfillment

Streamline your processes and save time and money as you see fit. We help you solve infrastructure and administrative issues efficiently, allowing for better administration and faster shipping.

inventory management

Focus on your company's growth while we manage your entire inventory, ensure products are properly handled, and keep your costs stable.

product returns

Forget about lost returns and angry customers. We help you track and manage product returns, ensuring they are handled effectively and efficiently.

special projects

We are fully prepared to work and deliver under special conditions; our infrastructure and processes can be quickly adapted to overcome any obstacle and ensure successful project execution.

pooled inventory

We will help you reduce aggregate uncertainty by adapting your inventory and shipping processes to improve your company's ability to constantly match supply and demand.

Software Integration

Take your company online while still, keeping your costs stable and obtaining the highest level of customer satisfaction, all without losing efficiency. We will work with you to develop a fully integrated e-commerce strategy, overseeing each part of the process and supplying outstanding customer care services.

Delivering satisfaction

Ever felt like logistics and shipping issues were taking too much of your time? Let us handle them for you so you can focus all your time and effort on taking your company to the next level.

Fully customized, affordable, and reliable logistical and shipping services.

Save yourself from logistic-induced headaches. Our dedicated team is here to provide you with world-class service. Not convinced yet? Get a quote and see for yourself!