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With trustworthy, efficient services in customizable fulfillment, efficient integration, and international shipping.

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    Fully Customized, Affordable and Reliable Services

    Sendsy offers over 50 years of industry knowledge in third-party logistics, international shipping, and warehousing. We act as trustworthy and expert onsite logistics support. Our team is detail-oriented with the ability to understand and adapt to your product and brand needs. We go beyond the ordinary to provide a white glove service and take care of all the details so that you don’t have to worry.


    Focus on your company’s growth while we manage your entire inventory. This way, you can ensure products are correctly handled while keeping your costs stable.


    For the best rates, our detail-oriented white glove service ensures that your products are correctly and carefully stored as they are shipped to the right place on time. Everything is done according to your needs for maximum satisfaction.


    Take your company online while keeping your costs stable and obtaining the highest level of customer satisfaction. We will work with you to develop a fully integrated e-commerce strategy and ensure outstanding customer care services.


    We are fully prepared to work and deliver under special conditions. Sendsy offers an adaptable infrastructure that can quickly overcome obstacles and ensure successful and affordable project execution.


    Forget about lost returns and angry customers. We help you track and manage product returns to ensure they are handled effectively and efficiently.

    Shipping to
    70+ countries

    Ship your products around the world and expand your business to new horizons. We’re ready to help you grow your business internationally.

    2-day delivery guaranteed

    Get your products delivered in only 2 days in the continental USA for as low as $9.60!

    Affordable. Reliable. Timely.